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Hard to argue

Three Reasons Conservatives are Losing the Battle for America. This is hard to hear… but also hard to argue with.  I have family members who are exactly what is being described in Part 1. Advertisements

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The wishful thinking that just will not die

Lindisfarne To Sandy Hook: The Tragedy of Wishful Thinking. In the wake of the horrific shootings in Newtown last Friday, I made the mistake of trying to engage a Facebook “friend” (actually more of a distant acquaintance) with actual facts … Continue reading

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Socialism as Religion

Socialism as Religion. This excellent article captures much of what I have long objected to about socialism.  As described in the writings of its own founders, it was intended from the very beginning as a substitute for revealed religion in … Continue reading

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Serious questions

An open letter to my black Evangelical friends presents a series of honest questions about whether ethnic solidarity is really more important than biblical truth which we claim to live by.

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A “Romans 1” agenda

A “Romans 1” agenda This is a realistic (and sad) description of the spiritual state where our country is now, as indicated by the results of last week’s election. 

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No anti-Semitism here… is there?

Blog: Obama supporters celebrate: ‘No more Israel!’. Unfortunately, this does not appear to really be an outlier.  There has been a growing anti-Semetism in the radical Left for a long time.  Don’t believe me?  Check much of the rhetoric coming … Continue reading

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Thoughts after a disastrous election

So I guess I’m back here for a while… (I am well aware that virtually no one on Facebook wants to talk about any of this right now.) After 18 months of trying to make the case for defeating a … Continue reading

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