Socialism as Religion

Socialism as Religion.

This excellent article captures much of what I have long objected to about socialism.  As described in the writings of its own founders, it was intended from the very beginning as a substitute for revealed religion in general – and Christianity in particular.

The article concludes with this:

  • In effect, socialism postulates a moral structure on insufficient foundations. Beginning from a non-moral beginning and utilizing an amoral process, it hoped to arrive at a moral endpoint through a reasoning that reduced justice, mercy, nature, happiness, and even a shadow of transcendental longing as wholly subservient to determined historical necessity. In retrospect, one could not have designed a more thorough system of slavery: a religious fervor with Man as the object; a Second Coming without a Messiah. Devoid of moral content and without a lasting legacy, nothing remains in its camp but the myriad of unmarked graves stretching out across a century of muddled ideological passion while projecting its unlearned lessons into the ominous future like curling fingers of fire.

Couldn’t have said it better!



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