No anti-Semitism here… is there?

Blog: Obama supporters celebrate: ‘No more Israel!’.

Unfortunately, this does not appear to really be an outlier.  There has been a growing anti-Semetism in the radical Left for a long time.  Don’t believe me?  Check much of the rhetoric coming out of the various “Occupy” manifestations during the last year.  The anti-Semetism was not subtle – it often was not only  right “out front” but much of it was also crude and brutal.

Obama tried to claim through the campaign that he was “Israel’s best friend”.  That doesn’t pass the smell test.  He has thrown Israel under the bus so many times that it has permanent tire tracks all over it.

Apparently, his dismissive attitudes toward the legitimate security concerns of Israel have filtered down and metastasized among his supporters, as evidenced by this video.

Never again??  Right!!


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