Phony outrage

When I read the latest column by the magnificent Robin of Berkeley, I instantly had a sense of deja vu.  I just had exactly one of these debates last week with a longtime friend who is also a raging leftie.

As you might expect, we are on opposite sides with respect to the union controversy in Wisconsin.  He is OUTRAGED (and constantly throws out CAPITALIZED words to emphasize that fact) and went ballistic after I pointed out that much of the unions’ agenda is based on greed.  After another of his rants against “the evil rich”, I told him that he needs to be careful about being caught up in envy.  Not surprisingly, he again insisted he was not envious, just OUTRAGED!!!!

So I instantly could relate when I read this today:

The left’s legendary compassion is politically expedient, though elaborately disguised.   Brutalization of journalists, a Jihad against our soldiers…and yet, so little outrage.   There is no currency in these events; in fact, they must be swept under the rug to hide the truth about the “Religion of Peace.”

But notice how Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell inflames the masses.  Watch sparks fly in the battle for gay marriage.  Wisconsin is exploding because unionized teachers want collective bargaining.  The left’s outrage is self-righteous because it is laser focused on the self.

Not only is the left’s outrage ego-based, but it is rooted in greed.  Take the left’s centerpiece issue, social and economic justice.  What do those flowery phrases actually mean, anyway?   Aren’t they just doublespeak for envy, coveting one’s neighbor,  and a gimme-gimme mentality?

When an injustice serves progressive ideology, we see the outrage in full-color display.   However, at other times, the silence is deafening — or there is disingenuous posturing.     American Thinker: If You’re Not Outraged, You’re Not Paying Attention.

Kudos, Robin.  You nailed it again!


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