SOTU response

In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that I did not actually watch the SOTU.  I can no longer stand to subject myself to the bald faced lies this president continues to spout endlessly.  It is interesting that even many elements of the MSM have been lukewarm in their reaction to the speech.

Here is one of the stronger criticisms that resonates with my reasons for not watching:

The warning about the dangers of debt was a bit rich coming from the president who has increased debt by over $2.5 trillion in two years. There remains in the U.S., as in Europe and Japan, no indication that there is any disposition to pay down the horrifying debts that have piled up, rather than, in a silent conspiracy of utter cowardice, simply to devalue the currencies in which the debt is denominated, in the hope that doing so together and gradually will disguise the rape of the thrifty and the prudent and the financially defenseless that that implies. A five-year freeze on 12 percent of budget expenses is a small step forward, but far short of the radical measures required.

The president of earmarks, who declined to disown them when running for election and winked at their colossal profusion in his first two years, also had a credibility gap when he declared war on the earmarks (individual scraps of patronage pasted by congressmen and senators onto unrelated bills in exchange for their votes, i.e., pork barrel, log-rolling, and back-scratching)….     The Disastrous SOTU – Conrad Black – National Review Online.

The best response I have seen so far was Sen Jim Demint, who when asked for his reaction, simply said, “I just can’t believe anything he says any more.”

Well said!


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