A more likely influence

After the MSM engaged in their usual lemming-like behavior to blame all things conservative for the shooting rampage in Tucson, it was encouraging to see how public backlash forced them to back off from such scurrilous accusations.

Let me state clearly for the record: ultimately only the shooter, Jared Loughner, is responsible for the death and injury that took place outside the Safeway store.  While there are remaining questions about the extent of his mental illness, it must be stated in the clearest terms that responsibility cannot be passed off on anyone else.

That being said, it is interesting how deafeningly silent the MSM has been about the actual influences on Loughner that have come to light as the rampant speculation has given way to actual fact based investigation.  By all accounts, rather than being some sort of a right-winger, he was an atheist and an anarchist, who NEVER listened to talk radio or paid attention to Sarah Palin or even listened much to news reports.

One interesting angle on what the MSM is not saying is this: Loughner and the “Maggots” details the influence of the band Slipknot and its nihilistic philosophy on Loughner and many others like him with lyrics like this — “How many times have you wanted to kill/ Everything and everyone — say you’ll do it but never will.”

Friends and family members have confirmed that Slipknot was one of Loughner’s favorite bands and that he listened to their music constantly.  Isn’t it reasonable to ask if this might be much more of a likely influence than Rush Limbaugh or Sarah Palin?

Don’t you think a competent media interested in the truth might look into this rather than baselessly smearing conservatives?

Don’t hold your breath!


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