A rare event

It is not often that I have much good to say about the show 60 Minutes.  Far too often it has been a willing channel for slanderous hit pieces against all things conservative.

However, their opening segment of last night’s program was a welcome exception.

After a week in which the MSM disgraced itself with blatantly false and libelous accusations that conservatives in general (and Sarah Palin in particular) were responsible for influencing the shooter in the Tucson massacre, 60 Minutes actually presented a reasoned look at how the Secret Service identifies and tracks actual assassins.   The report showed how Jared Loughner’s behavior leading up to the shooting rampage almost perfectly matched the tendencies the Secret Service has found in assassins going back 50 years.  Serious mental illness is a prominent feature in all of these cases, including Loughner.

Nary a mention of Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh or any other conservative; maybe the blowback the MSM received during the week finally caused one program to stick to the facts for a change…. at least for one night, anyway!


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