Another well deserved smackdown

Charles Krauthammer is an astute political observer, but he is first and foremost a licensed psychiatrist.  Knowing that fact helps one appreciate the following response to the Leftists who rushed to blame the Tea Party and Sarah Palin for the shootings in Tucson:

This is not political behavior. These are the signs of a clinical thought disorder — ideas disconnected from one another, incoherent, delusional, detached from reality.

These are all the hallmarks of a paranoid schizophrenic. And a dangerous one. A classmate found him so terrifyingly mentally disturbed that — as she e-mailed friends and family — she expected to see his picture on TV after he had perpetrated a mass murder. This was no idle speculation: In class, “I sit by the door with my purse handy,” she wrote, so that she could get out fast when the shooting began.

Furthermore, the available evidence dates Loughner’s fixation on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords back to at least 2007, when he attended a townhall of hers and felt slighted by her response. In 2007, no one had heard of Sarah Palin. Glenn Beck was still toiling on Headline News. There was no Tea Party or health-care reform. The only climate of hate was the pervasive post-Iraq campaign of vilification of George W. Bush, nicely captured by a New Republic editor who began an article thus: “I hate President George W. Bush. There, I said it.”…

…The origins of Loughner’s delusions are clear: mental illness. What are the origins of Krugman’s?                Massacre, Followed by Libel – Charles Krauthammer – National Review Online.

Paul Krugman’s rantings in recent years have become more and more unhinged as time has gone on.  Maybe its time for him to consult a psychiatrist….


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