More Obama administration crooks

Here’s one more to add to the list:

Financier Steven Rattner and New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo put to rest what became a personal and bitter legal faceoff Thursday, agreeing to settle the Wall Street deal maker’s role in a probe that has sought to root out influence-peddling at the state’s flagship pension fund.

Under a deal announced in the penultimate day of Mr. Cuomo’s tenure—he is sworn in as the state’s governor Friday night—Mr. Rattner agreed to pay $10 million to settle lawsuits alleging he essentially traded favors for business from the state’s $125 billion public pension fund.    (Wall Street Journal article here)

So not only do we have an admitted tax cheat Timothy Geitner still in charge of the Treasury (and the IRS), we now have Obama’s “car czar” settling out of court for pension fraud.

I hate to beat the horse to death, but can you imagine if this were a Republican administration.  The press would be in a feeding frenzy.

The silence is deafening!


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