The unbridled arrogance of Harry Reid and Co. is stunning.  After neglecting to pass the needed appropriations for 11 months, they now tell us we MUST accept another 2000 page “Omnibus” spending bill stuffed with pork or disaster will ensue as the government shuts down just in time for Christmas.

What is particularly galling is that this flies directly in the face of the clear message sent by the voters on Nov 2 — stop the wasteful spending!  What do we get from Reid?  Exponentially more spending, more pork (3600 earmarks in this bill alone)… trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see.

I just wrote my Democratic senator (who is up for re-election the next time around) and “encouraged” him to vote this monstrosity down and to support a simple continuing resolution instead.  You should do the same!


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Music director in Naples, FL
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