A bridge too far

As I am getting ready to fly this weekend, one thing I am definitely not looking forward to is the “enhanced patdown” procedures in the airport security lines.  Apparently I am not alone in that feeling since there appears to be a growing revolt this indignity.

We have put up with a lot in the name of aircraft safety, but now the bureaucrats have gone too far… particularly since we all know that there are more effective ways of accomplishing the same objective, but we aren’t allowed to employ them due to political correctness run amok:

In Up in the Air, that ironic take on the cramped freneticism of airport life, George Clooney explains why he always follows Asians in the security line:

“They pack light, travel efficiently, and they got a thing for slip-on shoes, God love ’em.”

“That’s racist!”

“I’m like my mother. I stereotype. It’s faster.”

That riff is a crowd-pleaser because everyone knows that the entire apparatus of the security line is a national homage to political correctness. Nowhere do more people meekly acquiesce to more useless inconvenience and needless indignity for less purpose. Wizened seniors strain to untie their shoes; beltless salesmen struggle comically to hold up their pants; three-year-olds scream while being searched insanely for explosives, when everyone — everyone — knows that none of these people is a threat.

We pretend that we go through this nonsense as a small price paid to assure the safety of air travel. Rubbish. This has nothing to do with safety — 95 percent of these inspections, searches, shoe removals, and pat-downs are ridiculously unnecessary. The only reason we continue to do this is that people are too cowed to even question the absurd taboo against profiling — when the profile of the airline attacker is narrow, concrete, uniquely definable, and universally known. So instead of seeking out terrorists, we seek out tubes of gel in stroller pouches.    Don’t Touch My Junk – Charles Krauthammer – National Review Online.

The Israelis have proven that all this is so unnecessary.  Their national airline El Al has not had an airline incident in more than 30 years despite having the largest possible target painted on their backs.  They do it with intelligent profiling rather than invasive searches.

But, what do they know…..


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