One who does get it

This is one of the reasons I am proud to have Marco Rubio represent me in the US Senate:

“Now, I’m proud to be a Republican, I think it’s the logical home of constitutional conservatism, but I think if there are big gains around this country tonight, Republicans should not make the mistake of believing that this was a national embrace of the Republican party.  This is a second chance for the Republican party to be and do what it has claimed to be, and that is the home of the limited government, conservative movement in America, the center-right coalition that believes in free enterprise and freedom and liberty, and the things that have made America great.  And I hope I can be a part of that. . . .  If the Republican party does not become about ideas and about principles that speak to everyday people in the real world and in real life, then soon we’ll be on the other end of the pendulum again.  I mean, this pendulum keeps swinging from election to election because neither party seems to figure it out.”

Pitch perfect! He shows that he gets the message that was delivered last Tuesday.  May his tribe increase!


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