He is still clueless

The One continues to insist that the voters really haven’t rejected his agenda.

What is he smoking?

President Obama told journalists Wednesday, “I think we would be misreading the election if we thought the American people for the next two years want us to relitigate the arguments of the last two years.” Actually, on this issue, that is precisely what a near-majority of Americans desires.

According to national exit polls, 48 percent of voters surveyed want Congress to repeal Obamacare. Thirty-one percent (supposedly fans of really big government) want Obamacare expanded, and only 16 percent would leave it untouched. Obamacare is an unwanted orphan — hated by the Right, unloved by the Left, and yawned at by the middle.

“Among Democrats who favored repeal, 36 percent voted for Republicans,” veteran Democratic pollster Patrick Caddell explained on Fox News Channel on the day following the election. “Among independents who favored repeal, 86 to 9 [percent] voted Republican.” He added: “In my lifetime, this is the first time my party will have less than 200 seats in the House. [Republicans: 239; Democrats: 186; Disputed: 10.] Health care is a major thing. . . . The American people found this a crime against democracy. I have been saying this since March. They wanted repeal. And this issue is going to go on and on, and he [Obama] seems absolutely tone deaf to understand this.”  Voters Show Their Enthusiasm for Obamacare’s Repeal – Deroy Murdock – National Review Online.

His continued arrogance is stunning!


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