First reactions

With the main exception of the survival of the insufferable Harry Reid, the overall results from the election are positive.

Russ Feingold… see ya!
Joe Sestak… maybe Bill Clinton can now get you a job for real!
Nancy Pelosi… yeah, you’re going to have to give up that gavel you have turned into some kind of fetish object.
Rand Paul, Pat Toomey, John Kasich and numerous others… way to go!

But the most encouraging results were right here in Florida:

Senator Marco Rubio – proud to have you represent me!
Rick Scott – not officially the governor yet, but soon…
Col. Allen West to Congress – honor still has a place!

However, the most personally gratifying Florida results were the two who got absolutely crushed – Charlie (the Chameleon) Crist, who was blown out of the water by Marco Rubio, and Alan (Die Quickly) Grayson, who took slime slinging to new alltime lows.  Good riddance to both of you!


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