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The recent riots in France provide us with a window into our future.  France and other European countries have gone far down the socialism road in the last 50 years and are now struggling to find their way back to fiscal sanity.

For the “crime” of trying to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62, France is facing ongoing riots in the streets from the spoiled brats who refuse to yield an inch on their cushy benefits.

Democrats in the United States must be wishing that their French brothers would pipe down, at least until after November 2, because American voters may notice that everything the Democrats want for America is what France already has.

Years of socialist legislation have shackled France’s economy and depressed growth. Between 1980 and 2000, only Greece and Germany grew more slowly (in Germany’s case, reunification took its toll). French law mandates a “livable” minimum wage, with the result that jobs are comfortable for those who have them but often unobtainable for those who don’t. Because the French also make it extremely difficult to fire people, employers are reluctant to hire. The unemployment rate hovers around 10 percent. But for the young, the rate is closer to 25 percent. And for African and Arab immigrants, 50 percent is the norm….

…But all of those goodies distributed by the state — all those free lunches — have significantly corrupted France’s civic culture to the point where any cut in benefits, even a trifling change in the retirement age, is violently resisted. One protester, Reuters reports, carried a sign reading “To hell with the national debt! We’ll give them nothing and we don’t give a damn about their AAA.” These are socialism’s spoiled brats.  ~ Democrats Are the French Party – Mona Charen – National Review Online.

Exactly…socialism creates spoiled brats who are always taking and feeling they are owed more.

Socialism is nothing more than legalized theft!


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