Obama and the Evil Squatters

In a new column Obama and the Evil Squatters, Robin of Berkeley makes the observation of what has become of her hometown as a result of its almost total secularization:

And yet, why don’t residents see the obvious: that’s there’s a connection between abandoning God and the un-Godliness of Berkeley’s streets? The streets are filthy and uncivil; the crime rate spirals out of control. Because if God and His followers are chased out of town, what is left?
The radicals would argue that without a pesky, oppressive God, people are liberated. With no repressive authority spoiling the fun, the world becomes idyllic.
But when you obscure the sunshine, only darkness remains. Seal the windows, close the blinds, and what do you have? People alone in a pitch-black world, with nothing to shield or soothe them.
And the estrangement is palpable not just in Berkeley, although the alienated are concentrated here. The militant atheists are saturating the media, the schools, the entire culture with its witch’s brew. The Left, as always, is at the helm. Obama covers up crosses at Notre Dame University; he deletes the Creator from the Declaration.
Obama and the Left want our country untethered from the steadfast grip of God. Spiritually impoverished, lost in space, the masses will cling to the teat of the government. Bereft of the Divine, they’re shackled to the Gospel of Obama.
There are inevitable, and disastrous, consequences for slamming the door on God.
See for yourself. Come walk the streets of Berkeley, or the nearby cities: San Francisco, Oakland, or Richmond. Look deeply into people’s eyes and behold the anger, the desperation…or see nothing at all.
Because when a city, or a nation, buries God, what is left is an excruciating, unfathomable void. And in the ever-widening chasm, dark forces — the evil squatters — take up residency.


The problem is that the evil squatters are not just confined to the streets of Berkeley… they have spread out across the entire country.  It is way past time to evict them!

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