“Summer of Recovery” – are you kidding me?

So the White House continues its propaganda campaign insisting that economically this is the “Summer of Recovery”… while those of us who actually work for a living (rather than take 6 vacations a year) scratch our heads and wonder what in the world they are talking about!

The “Summer of Recovery” is looking more and more like the Beltway Chainsaw Massacre for America’s workers. As President Obama lolls on Martha’s Vineyard with his well-heeled Chicago pals, a new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows that 72 percent of people are very worried about joblessness and 67 percent are very concerned about massive government spending.

After a nearly $1 trillion in fiscal stimulus and several multi-billion-dollar corporate and union bailouts, unemployment remains stuck near 10 percent nationwide; jobless claims rose again last week. One shudders to think how many more jobs will be on the chopping block after the vacationing president finishes “recharging his batteries.”…

…The White House has invested mightily in creating a propaganda infrastructure to tout its “jobs saved or created.” Taxpayers need a full, transparent accounting of how many jobs Team Obama has destroyed. Call it Wreckovery.gov.     The White House War on Jobs – National Review Online.

When I hear VP Biden pontificate today about how great things are now compared to how awful they were during the bad old Bush administration, it makes me want to hurl… (quite a common reaction when I have to listen to Biden bloviate!)  What reasonable person wouldn’t prefer the “awful” 5%  unemployment under Bush to the current 10%+?

Only a “genius” like Biden, I guess…


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