3 excellent questions

3 excellent questions that have yet to receive a response from those foolishly supporting the Ground Zero mosque:

Just ask yourself three questions: 1) What would have been the reaction in 1955 if the Japanese wanted to build a Shinto temple next to the Arizona in Pearl Harbor? 2) Where is the money coming from and why do they want to build in one of the most expensive parts of Manhattan? 3) Where are the Muslims coming from to worship at this Mosque? This is the financial district. Usually you build a church or temple near the homes of your parishioners. (Bruce Bialosky)

Sadly there are too many well intentioned people naively buying the claims that this project is an innocent “community center” and accepting the specious claims that this is a religious freedom issue.   Please note that the Koran specifically encourages Muslims to use deception to overcome “infidels” – that’s you and me, in case you can’t figure it out!


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