Judicial tyranny – Pt. 2

The only way that the California judge could make his ruling overturning Prop 8 was to completely redefine words to make them mean the opposite of what they have always meant:

By ruling that the people of California could not limit the term “marriage” to mean only the union of a man and a woman, Judge Walker emptied the word of any meaning. In California, marriage now means the union of whomever and whatever its participants desire. In other words, marriage means whatever you want it to mean. It is, in Judge Walker’s mind, the relational equivalent of free verse – disdained by poet Robert Frost as “tennis with the net down.” Ken Connor

We have definitely gone waaaaaayyyy down the Rabbit Hole!?!

Then there is this:

But there probably is no place in American politics where the Cult of Me is playing out more than with the Gay Rights Movement. California’s Prop 8 was thrown out last week by a judge with a political agenda. His verdict (note the judge in the case is gay) was more about self gratification than it was about the law. Most (if not all) judges and politicians swear an oath to uphold and execute the laws to the best of their ability. This one didn’t even try. Who cares if his decision tears a hole in our legal system? He’s going to get what he wants. Anything short of being happy for him is frowned on as criminal.

Yes…my desires come first and the rest of the country can go to hell if they don’t like it!  This is what “constitutional law” has now become.  It seems we fought a revolution to get rid of such tyranny!


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