Unintended consequences

Something that liberals (oops… Progressives) never seem to understand is the Law of Unintended Consequences.  They are just so darned sure that their utopian proposals will make everything wonderful that they never consider the likely side effects.

It’s called the “Law of Unintended Consequences” — the fact that politically motivated, well-intentioned (but poorly conceived) legislation results in situations that wreak havoc far beyond what was originally supposed to be remedied.  A classic example — and fortunately one of the least serious — is the congressional toilet.  As a conservation measure, the government decreed that all new toilets use no more than one gallon of water per flush.  Because politicians are neither plumbers nor experts in fluid mechanics, they failed to visualize the fact that a single gallon would frequently not be enough water to complete the flush, with the result that the toilets require two or three flushings, thereby using more water than older toilets….

Obamacare carries so many unintended consequences that it is hard to know where to begin.  In fact, more are being discovered every day.  One particularly egregious example, though, is the effect that healthcare rationing would have on the older population.  Most senior citizens politely disagree with Senator Tom Daschle’s “duty to die” philosophy and refuse to believe that they should bear patiently with the pains of old age when modern medicine has the capability of relieving them.

Under rationed healthcare, those with the wealth and means to do so can seek treatment at exclusive off-shore facilities or through other private means — much as affluent Canadians and others currently do in the United States.

Those less fortunate or without the financial resources but equally possessed of a will to live will have to make do with a black market of dubious practitioners and spurious cures.  The same progressives who justify their extreme pro-abortion stance on the fear of women being relegated to “back-alley abortion mills” have just enabled the creation of an equal or more horrendous curse to prey on our older and least defensive citizens.  The Bête Noire of Liberalism.

But its all good you see… we can’t judge Leftists by the actual results of their policies – that would be racist!  We have to give them a pass because of their good intentions…. just as I am sure they would do for conservatives if the roles were reversed.

Yeah, right!


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