A pitiful shell…

…of its former self – that’s what the NAACP has become.  It has devolved from the truly heroic challenger of genuine racist repression in the deep South during the ’60s to a pathetic, extremely partisan liberal activist group who scream “racism” and “bigotry” at anyone who dares disagree with their political agenda.  They seem incapable of realizing that it is possible for people to disagree with Obama’s policies without there being a racial motive behind it.

Even the reliably liberal Geraldo Rivera is on TV stating that these charges show that the organization has become “lazy” by resorting to the cheap charges of racism against the Tea Party.

As another commentator (coincidentally a black man) pointed out:

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) on Tuesday unanimously adopted a resolution at its national convention in Kansas City condemning the tea-party movement as — guess what? — racist. This is false, outrageous, and no surprise. The NAACP is like a talking G.I. Joe doll with a cord coiled in his back. Pull it, and G.I. Joe says something manly and combative. Pull the NAACP’s string. “Racism!” squawks the shopworn voice. Pull it again. “Bigotry!” it squeals, as it has so many times before. ~Deroy Murdock .

I guess they never heard the story of the Boy Who Cried “Wolf”!


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