The chilling truth

To understand the truly fascist nature of Progressivism, you need look no farther than this paragraph:

By rejecting the existence of natural rights, accordingly, the Progressives consciously repealed this limit: “It is not admitted that there are no limits to the action of the state,” Merriam observed, “but on the other hand it is fully conceded that there are no ‘natural rights’ which bar the way. The question is now one of expediency rather than of principle. . . . Each specific question must be decided on its own merits, and each action of the state justified, if at all, by the relative advantages of the proposed line of conduct.” In devising the content of the law, legislators need not worry about respecting the individual’s natural right to rule himself, because “there are no ‘natural rights’ which bar the way.”    from The Progressive’s Legacy of Bankruptcy (emphasis added)

Viewed in light of these statements from one of the leading philosophers of 20th century Progressivism, the total disregard of the clearly expressed will of the people during the last year and a half begins to make more sense.  The Progressives in our government (both in the White House and Congress) do not accept that there are any limits to what government may do.  They also do not feel that they are under any obligation to respect individual rights… only “the collective” matters!

Communism, anyone??


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