An Independence Day question

From Citizens or Subjects?:

Now, we have the discovery of Thomas Jefferson’s changing a single word in his draft. Through hyperspectral imaging, the Library of Congress announces that we can clearly discern the word “subjects” expunged by Jefferson’s own hand. In its place, he wrote the word “citizens”…

…Could there be a more important time for this message from Jefferson? It is providential. This Year of Decision for the American people all comes down to this: Shall we be subjects or citizens?

ObamaCare does not simply change our health care delivery system; it changes our relationship to the government. Unless ObamaCare is repealed, we will become subjects once again. We will no longer be citizens. Unless this unconstitutional act is repealed, the government will no longer derive its just powers from our consent. Instead, our continued enjoyment of life and liberty, our very pursuit of happiness will depend from this year forward on government’s consent.


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