Creeping tyranny

As many of us (this writer included) repeatedly tried to warn during the campaign of 2008, the Annointed One has no real respect for the rule of law.  Oh, he talks a good game… but “the proof 0f the pudding is in the eating”!

Over and over again his actions have demonstrated that he only cares about the law when it can be manipulated to his advantage.  Whenever the law blocks or frustrates his grand designs, it is no longer binding, but rather is a mere inconvenience to be ignored or circumvented.

Lately the examples having been coming fast and furiously….

  • A federal judge strikes down the knee-jerk moratorium on offshore drilling, yet the Regime states it will just reimpose it anyway.
  • The Annointed One is starting to take criticism for his Regime’s mishandling of the Gulf oil spill.  Well, he will show you who’s boss by extorting $20 billion from BP into a slush fund to be distributed by a “neutral” administrator hand picked by the One.  Al Capone would be so proud!  The Chicago Way indeed!
  • The Senate seems reluctant to pass the job killing Cap & Trade bill.  Not to worry… the EPA will just impose it through regulation!
  • The American people are up in arms over illegal immigration.  Depending on the poll, 60-70% of the electorate supports Arizona in its efforts to get control of the flood of illegals through enforcement of existing laws that the Feds choose to ignore.  No matter!  Eric Holder & Co are taking the State of Arizona to court to slap them down for having the audacity to show up the criminal negligence of the Regime in this matter.

I could go on with example after example of how this Regime circumvents the law whenever it doesn’t produce the “right” result.

Noted historian Victor Davis Hanson makes a chillingly accurate comparison with the Jacobins of the French Revolution:

What do all these ends-justify-the-means examples portend? Mostly, they reflect an effort by a technocratic class to implement social change through extralegal means if it finds that its agenda does not meet with public approval. In some sense, the Obamians have lost all faith that our democracy shares their vision, and so they seek to impose their exalted will by proclamation — as if they are the new Jacobins and America is revolutionary France throwing off the old order….

The final irony? It was law professor Obama who campaigned on respect for the rule of law as he serially trashed elements of the Bush administration’s war on terror — almost all of which he subsequently kept or expanded. Note how what was deemed illegal before 2009 has suddenly become quite legal and worthy of emulation and indeed expansion.

As Obama’s polls continue to erode and congressional support for his agenda further dwindles, expect his cabinet to continue to seek ways around the enforcement of existing law. You see, in the current climate, the law is seen as retrograde, an obstacle to the advancement of long-overdue social change — which is to be implemented by a law professor and a past fierce critic of George Bush’s supposed constitutional transgressions.

While the media still rail about fanciful threats to constitutional stability from right-wing Tea Party types, we are getting real usurpation — but with a hope-and-change smile.     ~ from The Law? How Quaint! – Victor Davis Hanson – National Review Online.

The scary thing is that the obvious tyranny which resulted from the Jacobin Reign of Terror was also justified as being for the common good.  We are not quite to setting up guillotines in town squares yet, but the trend is not encouraging!


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