Just what we need…

…more lawsuits?!?

Rather than doing something that might actually do some good, like…I don’t know…approving Gov. Jindal’s repeated requests for clearance to build protective berms along the LA coast, what the Annointed One and his administration are giving us is more regulation and its corollary, more lawyers.

How about a radical thought?  Why don’t we fix the problem first and let the lawyers descend later?

The constant frothing of moral indignation as the tonic for every difficulty we face becomes, over time, simply tired sloganeering by people who cannot do anything but blame others. The indiscriminate attack at every failure as if it was a moral failure or a systemic failure creates an atmosphere which corrodes real work. For every oil mess in the ocean, there are ten thousand successful extractions of oil, all of which are — quite naturally — unnoticed by us.

The free market, along with the decent motives of most people, naturally resolves the vast majority of our concerns. Life in America is overwhelmingly filled with quiet victories and the occasional defeat. A sense of proportion is essential, but that is just what Barack Obama, Esq. and his fellow ideologues of accusation lack. Their worldview is nicely explained by this maxim: “When someone sees every problem as a nail, then every solution is a bigger hammer.” Barack Obama, Esq..
Of course, when you don’t know what you don’t know, all you can do is go back to the only tool you know…

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