Ever the class act…not!

Once again the Annointed One shows his “class”…

The hilarious part about it is that even when trying to sound tough and streetwise, he still sounds like a college professor.  Perfect crisp enunciation… no dangling participle…  Yeah, that’ll get ya street cred!

Apparently he is trying to take Spike Lee’s advice that he should “go off” to show how upset he is.  What he doesn’t seem capable of understanding is that it was the fecklessness of the response by his own administration that made a bad situation so much worse!  How many times was Gov. Bobby Jindal publicly begging for the feds to get off the dime before they actually did anything??

As with so many other issues, if he really wants to find out who’s causing the problem, he should look in a mirror.  At least for something more than just admiring his own image….


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