Interesting comparison

This from a moderate conservative with whom I often have differences:

Allen Hunt : Nerobama –

After comparing Obama to Nero fiddling while Rome burned, he concludes:

As David Goldman has rightly noted, President Obama clings to a deep sentimental attachment to the Muslim world that stems from his childhood. Rather than recognizing the threat that Islamic terror presents, Obama fiddles. He dogmatically insists on the majesty and greatness of the Muslim world and revels in its contributions to the world. Never mind that globalization and technological advance have left Muslim countries virtually untouched. President Obama seems ignorant of the fact that, according to the World Bank estimate, the total non-fossil fuel exports of the entire combined Muslim world amount to less than those of Finland, a nation of just five million people. Islamic loves produce many things, just not wealth, freedom, or other core American values.

Worse, his three top terror advisors cling to his same fantasies about the religion of peace and tolerance. Attorney General Eric Holder cannot bring himself to acknowledge in questioning before Congress that the terror attacks we are facing originate in “radical Islam.” Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano no longer uses the term “terror,” instead preferring to insist that we are under siege from “man-caused disasters.” And senior terror advisor John Brennan now lectures the American people that “jihad” is just misunderstood and is really a “legitimate tenet of Islam.” Where did Obama find these people? And with what virus have they been infected?

I know that there have been reckless charges of Obama secretly being a Muslim bandied about.  I don’t necessarily buy into that, but I do feel he has a HUGE blind spot where Islam is concerned and the flunkies around him aren’t helping!


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