An ugly cancer

Despite the smiling public face that the Left tries to put on progressivism, it is nothing less than a cancer on the body politic of our Republic.  For more than a century, this cancer has grown from a few small moles on the skin to where it is now an out of control contagion threatening the health of the entire system.

Consider what else we know about progressives, evident from a track record of roughly one hundred years: They consistently advocate more and more centralization of power through collectivism and wealth redistribution. Inescapably, this leads to a progressively powerful state, one composed of widening regulations and agencies and departments — launched mainly under the presidencies of Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Carter, and now Obama — fueled by a (literal) progressive federal income tax that in less than thirty years skyrocketed from 1% (1913) to over 90% (1940s). It is a one-way expansion of power sliding almost entirely toward the national government.

Needless to say, this is, as a matter of plain fact, fundamentally antithetical to America itself — that is, our republic as conceived by its founders. The American system is based on limited government, on eschewing a single federal Leviathan, on limited taxation, and on circumscribed control over the citizenry. Of course, to the progressive, this means that the Constitution itself is unsuitable, as it too must always evolve; the Constitution is always a work in progress, never good enough, and certainly not etched in stone. (It’s exasperating when progressive presidents like Obama and FDR wrap themselves in a publicly professed love for the Constitution. This is rhetorical pabulum — mere cynical public relations.)…

…Now, with that said, here’s where the confusion has the potential to become downright lethal: It’s bad enough when progressives get their hands on the federal government. There, their penchant for increased centralization ultimately bankrupts a nation.         ~ Paul Kengor in Progressive Death

Bankruptcy will be just the most visible and immediate symptom of something comparable to the condition medical professionals call cascade failure.  But don’t worry… the Messiah is here to save us all!


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