The Consequences of Religious Apathy

A view of man that denies our divine origins gives us little reason to respect our fellow men or to strive for virtue and justice in society. Furthermore, it threatens our human dignity and undercuts our claim to those “unalienable rights” we so cherish as Americans. As each of us withdraws deeper and deeper into our own individually-crafted bubbles of “spirituality,” we are finding ourselves less and less able to reach even a basic societal consensus on questions of justice and morality. The result? We end up with a legal system that defends the due process rights of convicted felons and would-be terrorists while denying those same rights to the unborn, the disabled, and the elderly.

The one entity that does not object to a God-less society, however, is government – which may explain why the promotion of atheism has been central to some of the world’s most brutal totalitarian regimes. A government seeking absolute authority over its citizens, after all, is not well served by competition with God. When we refuse to embrace both the blessings and the responsibilities of our divine inheritance, the power-hungry politicians and entrenched bureaucrats that manage the modern welfare state are more than happy to step in and do it for us – for a price that often comes in the form of higher taxes, less liberty, and less protection for the weak and vulnerable.

from Ken Connor : The Consequences of Religious Apathy –


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