Extremely profound

A tremendously insightful column by a practicing psychiatrist who is a self-described “recovering liberal”…

American Thinker: The Left’s Unbearable Darkness of Being.

Her main point is that liberalism has robbed people of the understanding of all that can be gained from enduring suffering and finding God’s strength within it:

As a mere mortal, I’m not in a position to know what life is doing to me or where it is leading me. A life devoted to God involves trying to accept His will, even when circumstances are heartbreaking.

This idea of surrender is anathema to a liberal nation, where crusades are launched for “economic and social justice.” Say to an aggrieved group member, “Maybe you have something to learn from your experience,” and observe the shocked, offended, and possibly violent response.

One of the most noxious ramifications of liberalism is that suffering is now viewed as wrong, even shameful. Thus, people try to rid themselves of unhappiness by dumping it on others….

…One of the greatest tragedies of progressivism is that it robs citizens of the dignity of suffering. People become convinced that the vicissitudes of a human life are their own private misery.

More than this, people are kept far away from the mercy of God, the central Source of love and succor. And many on the Left are not just alienated from God. They abhor life so much that they despise God.

This is one of the saddest — and most fearsome — aspects of Obama and the Left. Leftists are raging not just at capitalism and racism — but at God Himself and the world He created.

The progressives have no understanding of the way this human realm works. By fighting reality, they create for themselves a hell on earth…

You can see this played out on the national stage day after day.  Prominent progressives rail against the “unfairness” of just about everything.  As I often said to my children when they would whine along those lines: “Who ever told you life was fair?  If life was fair, Jerry Lewis wouldn’t have to hold a telethon every year!”


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