Know what you’re up against

A great article that exposes the inherent deceit in the public face put on progressivism: Time to Change the Rules of Engagement.

In order to get elected, progressives must campaign as something that they are not. They must hide the true nature of their agenda. They must lull the people into a false sense of security in order to create dependency. They exploit the idealistic mindset of so many of their followers. A grand utopian agenda cannot be achieved under the auspices of a truly free system that allows individuals to flourish. Communism (which is progressivism in its fully matured form) by definition requires that the individual submit to the collective, at the behest of the ruling elite class. History has proven over and over again that the only way to attempt such governance is through duplicity and eventually, forced compliance.

Can anyone seriously argue that the Obama regime is not increasingly relying on duplicity, intimidation and threats to impose its will on any who dare speak out against it? Two days ago, the Messiah instructed us that we all should be saying “thank you” for all the taxes we “get” to pay. His minions continue to insist, in the face of massive evidence to the contrary, that his popularity is growing.

More and more we are facing a group of power hungry goons who show increasing signs of detachment from reality. Not a good combination!!


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