Tea Parties Old and New

Tea Parties Old and New – Fred Schwarz – National Review Online.

Presents an interesting series of parallels between the hated Tea Tax which provoked the American Revolution and the recent heavy handed government tactics in jamming through the health care bill… in particular I thought this paragraph was spot on:

In both cases, the government expected a supine public to accept a loss of liberty in exchange for a seeming benefit (“cheap” tea, “universal” medical care). The British ministry thought the public would be too dumb to see through the Tea Act, or too apathetic to care, just as the Democrats thought today’s public would eagerly devour the poisoned lollipop of Obamacare. And in both cases, the government didn’t know when to cut its losses in the face of determined resistance. While Barack Obama’s response to today’s tea parties will not be as heavy-handed as that of Lord North in 1774, we can hope that today’s Americans will be just as vigilant in defense of their freedom as the original tea partiers were.

Your lips to God’s ears!


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