I weep for my country today

So the deed is done.  The behemoth that is Obamacare has been passed.  A sufficient number of recalcitrant Democrats who actually previously had principles have been bribed, threatened, cajoled or hoodwinked into going along with this travesty to drag it over the finish line.

The gargantuan lies that have been used to put lipstick on this pig are beyond belief and are too many to completely list in the limited space here.   However, let me go on record regarding the most egregious examples:

  • It will NOT reduce the deficit.  It will absolutely explode it!  Anyone can “balance” the books of a program by only counting 6 years of expense against 10 years of income.  If anyone not in government tried to do this with their business they would be laughed out the door.
  • It will NOT reduce health insurance premiums.  All you need to do to verify this is to look at the state of Massachusetts.  They have been running a smaller version of Obamacare for a couple of years now and their premiums are going up faster now than any other state in the Union!
  • It will NOT create jobs or help small businesses as Katherine Sebelius was on TV lamely trying to claim this morning.  Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of Econ 101 knows that increasing taxes on small businesses in the midst of a recession is a formula for disaster rather than job growth.
  • Lastly (for now) and most importantly, it will NOT really improve health care for anyone, least of all the poor or middle class that supposedly will be the benefits of all this government largesse.  Already 46% of doctors surveyed have indicated that they will retire or otherwise leave the profession if this bill was passed.  How on earth does anyone think that adding 30 million more people to a system with 46% fewer doctors is going to improve care??

History has many lessons for those who are willing to pay attention.  Many thought that the Dred Scott decision would make the slavery controversy go away; years later, many others thought Roe v. Wade would settle the abortion issue.

They were wrong then.  They are wrong now!


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