Couldn’t have said it better…

This political cartoon perfectly captures my reaction to the Democrats’ jamming thru their “health care” bill in the middle of the night:

What these crooks have done (under cover of darkness, no less!!) is absolutely criminal! Reid accomplished this “historic” vote through a combination of extortion and bribery.  Ben Nelson of Nebraska was first blackmailed with a threat of closing the airforce base southwest of Omaha if he didn’t go along.  Keep in mind that the base in question is the home of the Strategic Air Command.  So the thugs in the White House are willing to compromise national security for political payback!

When that tactic didn’t work, they switched to bribery, with more success.   Suddenly, Senator Nelson’s “principled concerns” about abortion mysteriously melted away when hundreds of millions of dollars for his state were waved under his nose!  What many are calling the Cornhusker Kickback comes on the heels of the new “Lousiana Purchase”, where Mary Landrieu’s vote was bought with a $300 million grant to Louisiana.  And she has the gall to object when some have likened her to a prostitute…. what else do you call someone who sells themselves out for money?

When Joe Lieberman was objecting to a number of provisions in Reid’s bill, a number of oh-so-tolerant progressives tried to get his wife fired from her job in retaliation.  Something must have worked…he caved!

If any ordinary person tried tactics like these in their daily business dealings, they’d end up in jail…and rightfully so!!  How is it that our elected “representatives” aren’t having mugshots taken as we speak?

Maybe it’s time for another revolution….


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