The rest of the story…

While Congressmen whine about the idignity of having citizens actually dare to criticize them and then the Botox Queen Pelosi trots out phony charges of protesters “carrying swastikas into townhall meetings”, the MSM dutifully (and with a straight face) reports all the Democratic party talking points as if they are the gospel truth.

Well, for all those who were subjected to the half-truth reporting of the “mob scene” at the townhall meeting in Tampa last night, here are a number of facts from eyewitnesses which the MSM couldn’t be bothered to mention…wouldn’t fit their agenda, don’tcha know!

First, while a large number of individual people opposed to Obamacare arrived more than an hour early and dutifully waited in line, eyewitnesses described large numbers of union people were let in a side entrance and filled up 180 of the 200 seats in the auditorium before the doors were opened to the general public.  How did anyone know they were union people?  Oh, I don’t know…the T-shirts they were wearing emblazoned with the SEIU logo and lettering might have been a clue!

Second, when the doors were finally opened, it was the union goons inside who were pushing against those coming in, trying to keep them from entering.  One elderly gentleman with a heart condition was shoved up against the wall by a guy half his age and twice his size with a forearm across the neck.  It was things like this that set off some of the loud arguing that was shown on TV clips.

Third, the Congressman that was supposedly there to “listen”, Kathy Castor, instead made a speech regurgitating all the stale talking points that have been repeated ad nauseum.  When people tried to ask her questions, more than one of the eyewitnesses described being threatened by SEIU members telling them to sit down and shut up.  That’s when things really got loud, as a number of people objected to the attempt to intimidate them into silence!

The incredible irony of all this is how morons like Nancy Pelosi and Dick Durbin can make all kinds of ridiculous accusations against conservatives about “manufacturing” public outcry against the imposition of socialist healthcare from above and the MSM dutifully reports these charges at face value, never bothering to look beyond the surface.

Of course, if they did, they might find that the accusations being hurled by the Left are nothing more than psychological projection, saying far more about those making the charge than it does about the accused!


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2 Responses to The rest of the story…

  1. Phil says:

    I’m not debating your main point, but there are people taking swastikas into town hall meetings.

  2. Dad says:

    In the age of Photoshop, I could argue about the authenticity of such pictures, but I won’t do that either. What I do wonder about is this: if these pictures are in fact legitimate, how isolated are these cases? I know for a fact that the DNC’s main “evidence” for a “conspiracy” to generate “phony outrage” is a screen shot from a single Facebook page which had no more than 50 members, put up by some guy that no one in the Conservative movement had ever heard of before. Are there loose cannons on the extreme Right? Of course… they’re just not members of Congress.

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