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  1. Phil Hull says:

    Maybe the Sgt. Crowley was “acting stupidly” after all:

    I’ve heard interviews with at least a dozen police officers in the last few days and every one said that Crowley should have left the scene once he established that it was Gates’ house regardless of Gates’ behavior.

  2. Dad says:

    The point you, your various police officers and Obama all seem to be missing is that none of us were there, so none of us really know FOR SURE what happened. However, I think it is particularly interesting that the President, within 15 seconds of acknowledging that he DIDN’T know the facts of the case, proceeds to pronounce on the “stupidity” of the Cambridge police in general and, by implication, Sgt Crowley in particular. If anyone acted “stupidly”, it was the Exhalted One by pronouncing on things he admittedly knew nothing about. The intelligent thing to do when presented with that question is to say “No comment.”

  3. Phil says:

    So he was wrong to voice an opinion without all of the facts even if the facts prove his opinion afterwords?
    Would you not voice a similar opinion in defense of a friend without knowing FOR SURE what happened?
    Didn’t you support Cassie during her legal troubles last year in a strikingly similar situation?

    I understand he’s the POTUS and thus held to a different standard, but I think it was a normal response of a guy sticking up for his friend. (And he was right for what it’s worth.)

  4. Phil says:

    I also saw this interesting piece of legal analysis from Andrew Napolitano on Fox News regarding the legality of Sgt. Crowley’s actions. He violated state and federal law by arresting professor Gates.

  5. Dad says:

    Proven right?? In what alternate universe? In the fever swamps of the Huffington Post and Keith Olbermann??

    As for supporting Cassie, there are some HUGE differences: 1) I didn’t make public pronouncements about it on national television; 2) I didn’t publicly call anyone “stupid”; 3) I didn’t turn one incident into a broad indictment of a huge swath of police by tarring them as racists…. I could go on…

    I gave her the benefit of the doubt. I wouldn’t have had a problem with him doing that privately. That’s my point… he had the freedom to show some of the “class” that so many strangely still give him credit for (despite all evidence to the contrary) and he couldn’t resist making a national racial incident out of it!

  6. Phil Hull says:

    Um, when you look at what Crowley wrote in the police report and what the 911 call transcript says, there are two different stories. Crowley is the one who injected race into this issue by falsely claiming a report of “two black men with backpacks” which was never stated on the 911 call or by Lucia Whalen when he arrived on the scene. If anyone made this a racial issue, it was Crowley.
    As Andrew Napolitano said in the video I posted, it violated the United States Constitution and Massachusetts state law when Sgt. Crowley entered Professor Gates’ home without his permission and arrested him for disorderly conduct on his own property. Not exactly an excellent example of police work.
    I at least have the ability to concede when Obama is wrong (like cap & trade), but you never seem capable of giving him credit when he is right. Then again, I don’t think you would ever believe that something a Democrat says would be right.

  7. Dad says:

    Hmmm… it would seem to me that the person who actually injected race into this situation initially is Henry Gates, Jr. himself. He has a long, well known history of injecting race into just about everything. In a lot of ways, he is a slightly more cultured version of Al Sharpton!

    From a speech he gave in 1996:
    (referring to YALE of all places??)
    “Because of racism I never would have been allowed to compete on a more or less level terrain with white boys and white girls.”

    (Referring to Republicans in Congress)
    “Newt Gingrich and company, that Contract with America, that’s serious. You know what those guys have said.: Allright, somehow, while we were asleep, all you white women, all you black people got into the middle class. We’re not sure how it happened, but the first thing we’re gonna do is shake the tree, and any of y’all that can’t hang on, you’re going back. And the second thing we’re gonna set up barriers so that no more of you all can get in here.”

    Not be allowed to compete on one of the most politically correct campuses in the country?? Give me a break!

    As for the second quote, there are some reasons to criticize Newt Gingrich, but the Contract with America being a racist conspiracy is not one of them. This extremely tired canard was advanced by Henry Gates and others as serious “scholarship”. So, when a guy with this kind of history immediately starts hollering about racial profiling… sorry, I’m not going to pay attention!

    Are there racist cops? Sure! But I think Obama has let his Chicago southside experience color his view of cops all over. To publicly attack Sgt Gates and the Cambridge police while ADMITTING that he didn’t know the facts, and to do it in a way that linked it to claims of historic police racism is beyond reprehensible.
    It was a cheap shot to stir up his base because his polls are starting to tank..

    You claim you will admit when the Big O is wrong… sorry, haven’t seen it. We didn’t discuss cap & trade so I don’t know about that. You just seem to be so mesmerized by the image that you can’t see the reality that the Emperor has no clothes!

  8. Phil Hull says:

    I wonder why we can’t talk about political issues? Maybe because it descends into a shouting match every time. I don’t have nearly the rosy picture of Obama you seem to think that I do, but I do think he’s done pretty well in accomplishing many of the things he promised to do in the campaign.
    I don’t approve of his position on cap and trade. I think that any long-term benefits will be dwarfed by the short-term consequences to low and middle income families. I don’t approve of some of the lack of transparency by the administration that promised to be completely open and transparent.
    I have my doubts, but I also know that what we’ve got right now is much more preferable to me than the alternative we could have ended up with.
    We both have issues admitting we’re wrong I guess. I have a hard time admitting Obama isn’t everything I’d hoped for in a leader. You have a hard time admitting that Sarah Palin is a crazy woman and shouldn’t be allowed in any elected office. (That was a joke by the way.)

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