Hurry, hurry, hurry….

Like the Pork-ulus, like Cap and Tax, like just about everything else the Messiah’s administration has tried to do, we are constantly being harangued with “we can’t wait… we have to do this now”.

His legislative strategy moves in two gears — heedlessly fast and recklessly faster.

As with the stimulus package, Obama’s health-care plan depends on speed. More important than any given provision, more important than any principle, more important than sound legislating is the urgent imperative to Do It Now.

Do it now, before anyone can grasp what exactly it is that Congress is passing. Do it now, before the overpromising and the dishonest justifications can be exposed. Do it now, before Obama’s poll numbers return to Earth and make it impossible to slam through ramshackle government programs concocted on the run. Do it now, because simply growing government is more important than the practicalities of any new program.

The stimulus partly drives the rush on health care. The program was so ill-considered and so festooned with irrelevant liberal priorities as the price of hustling it through Congress that it becomes more of a drag for Obama every day. So health care has to be rushed through before Obama pays the full price for the failure of his previous rush job. Haste — and waste — makes for more haste. Rich Lowry – An Ideologue In A Hurry

Our Illustrious Leader is turning into a poor imitation of a carnival barker right before our eyes: “hurry, hurry, hurry, step right up…”


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