Brazen lies on health care

Now that the dust has settled a little bit from the week long full court press which the White House and it’s sycophants at ABC have subjected us all to, perhaps it’s time to step back and examine the facts behind the rhetoric. Despite the Messiah’s repeated assertions that “if you like your healthcare, the government will not force you to switch”, this is a distinction without a difference and the One has to know it:

This is exceptionally brazen sophistry. Private insurers are at a disadvantage vis-à-vis the federal government because they don’t have the power of the government to dictate prices to doctors and hospitals. That’s what Medicare does, and why it pays less for health services than private insurers.

Surely Obama understands the competitive advantage that this confers on the government. If the public option in ObamaCare underpays providers in a similar fashion, it will charge cheaper premiums than private insurance. Employers will dump their employees into the public plan, and a massive “crowding out” will occur. The respected health-care research firm The Lewin Group estimates as many as 119 million people could migrate from private insurance to the government plan, whether Obama considers it logical or not.

Since Medicare doesn’t pay hospitals enough to cover costs, they have to make up the expense by charging more to private insurers. According to Lewin, as Medicare hospital payments declined from 95 percent of costs in 2003 to 91 percent of costs in 2007, private-payer rates steadily increased. A massive new government plan that doesn’t pay its own way will augment this cost shift, making private insurance more expensive still and sending ever more people into the arms of the government plan.

ObamaCare, then, could unravel the entire private system very quickly. And in Obama’s telling, it all would have been a strange accident of fate. All he wanted to do was reduce health-care costs, and lo and behold, he ended up with the Canada-style system no one thought politically possible. What dumb luck.                       Rich Lowry

Ah, yes… the Canadian system… the progressive Left’s 30 year wet dream!  The one that results in 3 month waits to see general practicioner, 6 months or more to see a specialist… not too bad if you have severe acne but a bit more of a problem if you have cancer or a heart condition.   The system that hasn’t collapsed under its own weight yet for one single reason: it has the US as a readily available safety valve.  Can’t get treated in Toronto? No problem… just drive an hour or so to top specialists in Buffalo or Syracuse.   Even a 4 hour drive to Detroit or Cleveland is better than a 6 month wait to see an oncologist!

No, the government isn’t going to force you into such a system.  It will just set up the conditions so that your employer will find it cheaper to dump you into the system than to continue to provide coverage at an ever increasing cost.  The end result will be exactly the same…. the Messiah will just have your company do the dirty work for him.   As I said, a distinction without a difference!


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