We have a new winner

I have always thought that Bill Clinton was the smoothest bald-faced liar I had ever seen in my life.  Until last night…

When Obama threw out this nugget -“I’m proud that we were able to pass a stimulus package without a single earmark” – my jaw hit the floor and has remained there since!  Add to that the fact that he was able to say this with a completely straight face and…well… Bill Clinton, you’ve been replaced!

The just passed “stimulus bill” was so loaded with pork it would make the most seasoned hog butcher gag… but “it doesn’t have a single earmark in it.”   This sentence alone speaks volumes about Obama’s integrity… or lack thereof.

On top of this, after tripling the deficit in only one month in office, Obama still tries to pass this off as “the deficit I inherited.”   He is never responsible for anything he does… it’s always someone else’s fault.  Another strong indicator of  integrity… or lack of same.

Yep… change you can believe in!


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