Didn’t watch

One of the reasons I chose not to watch the inaugural events today was that I simply cannot stomach any more of the big media’s sycophantic treatment of Obama.   After totally discarding any semblance of objectivity during the campaign, they have now morphed into a full-fledged propaganda machine, where everything he says and does is the “newest”, the “greatest”, the “most brilliant”, the “most exciting”, etc., etc., etc.  ad nauseum….

I will let Cal Thomas put it in perspective:

The media coverage of the Inauguration gave a preview of how they might cover the Second Coming. It was total worship. No doubts were expressed; no questions about his ability to do anything — from healing the economy to bringing peace to the Middle East. The media have at last found a god in whom they can believe. They are worshipping at the altar of the church of Barack Obama. Journalists and some of their ideological cable TV allies have so much invested in Obama’s success that they will be hard-pressed to criticize him for anything and can probably be counted on to explain and justify any mistakes he makes, at least in the first two years.

I’d rather watch American Idol. At least there is some contrary opinion allowed to be expressed… and there’s an occasional laugh!


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