Interesting contrast

I think its been very revealing to see the incredible contrast in media treatment between Sarah Palin and Caroline Kennedy.  Palin, who has a specific record to run on, was treated by the media as a totally unqualified embarrassment, while many of the same media people seem to have no problem in handing “Princess Caroline” a Senate seat, when she has absolutely no qualifications other than her famous name.  As usual, Jonah Goldberg sums it up pretty well:

Now, I know the comparison between Palin and Caroline Kennedy is not perfect. Each has strengths where the other has weaknesses, and the jobs of senator and vice president aren’t identical (the former actually has more responsibility, for starters).

But the comparison is nonetheless revealing. Palin’s selection triggered troughs of bile, vomited up from nearly every respectable liberal quarter. A Florida congressman, and Obama surrogate, insinuated that Palin was a “Nazi sympathizer” and anti-Semite (she’s not, but Caroline Kennedy’s grandfather was). Her by-the-bootstraps story was ridiculed by nearly every ex-debutante newsreader and avowed “feminist” in America.

Meanwhile, Caroline, with a resume perfectly suited to being a Kennedy and little else, is a Cinderella who deserves a Senate seat because, well, she just does.

Of course, media bias couldn’t have anything to do with it… could it??

Update:  Here is Victor Davis Hanson’s excellent take on this subject.


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