“The stupidest governor in the country”…

…is how Michael Barone describes Rod Blagojevich in his recent column detailing the long history of corrupt and stupid incidents during Blago’s political career.  As another columnist put it in reacting to Barone’s piece, the case is made that Blagojevich is not crazy, just stupid.

Also…notice how the running joke in the last few days seems to be inserting “bleeping bleep” into sentences.  John McCain did it last night on Letterman and I’ve seen a couple of others do it too.

Thank you so much, Governor B, for this contribution to our public lexicon.

One ironic sidenote:  My sister forwarded to me some info on the 100th Anniversary celebration at my old high school in Chicago.   One of the pieces was a listing of famous alumni of the school.  Right there among Johnny Weismuller (Olympic swimming gold medalist and original “Tarzan” in the movies) and John Podesta (heading Obama’s transition team) was America’s stupidest governor… Rod Blagojevich.   Lovely!!


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