Another Chicago crook

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich just arrested for trying to sell Barack Obama’s Senate seat…



Not just a crook… but a stupid crook:  See his public statement from yesterday saying that “everything I say is legal” and “go ahead and tape anything I say”…

Shades of Gary Hart: “Follow me if you want… you’ll be bored” just weeks before the exposure of his affair with Donna Rice torpedoed his presidential bid.


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3 Responses to Another Chicago crook

  1. Phil Hull says:

    This guy should get special recognition for his stupidity. Trying to sell a US Senate seat when you’re already under federal investigation for corruption. The people of Illinois are 2 for 2 with their last 2 governors.

  2. Steve says:

    At least I didn’t vote for this one! (unlike the last one)

  3. Phil Hull says:

    We both backed a loser when it came to George Ryan. Now the question becomes does he resign before he is impeached? I have a feeling he’s going to pull a Kwame and try to go down swinging.
    The real issue is the open Senate seat. There is no way he can pick someone to fill that seat now. So what happens next?

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