From the past to the present

Anyone who knows me knows my fondness for Civil War history.  So you can imagine my delight in finding this gem amidst the finger pointing on the conservative side of the aisle for the last several days.  I am a strong believer in learning the lessons that history has to teach us… and this is one such time.  Having stood on the battlefield at Chancellorsville where Stonewall Jackson was killed and having just finished (two days ago) a book about Phil Sheridan’s exploits at Cedar Creek, the timing couldn’t be better.

Bill Whittle, I salute you!  May your tribe increase!



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One Response to From the past to the present

  1. Phil Hull says:

    I do agree that the Republicans are in need of a unifying figure. There has been a shortage of new Reagans or even new Gingriches that will unite the party and provide that leadership.
    However, if you are serious about Sarah Palin being that unifying figure, I think that is the wrong place to look. Regardless of my personal feelings for her (they are well documented), I think that she will do much more harm to the cause of unifying the Republican party (the whole party not just the Evangelical base) than good. I think you would risk losing most of the moderates and libertarians from the party and could end up with a permanent split of the party.
    Bobby Jindal would be an interesting choice for the top of the ticket and would have a good shot to blunt some of Obama’s biggest advantages in a campaign. He is also young, energetic, charismatic, and (to be totally honest) darker skinned. Time will tell.
    This is just my two cents, take it or leave it.

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