Nails it again…


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11 Responses to Nails it again…

  1. Phil Hull says:

    If you would please provide one example of Barack Obama calling the criticism of his campaign racist I would appreciate it.

    …still waiting…

    …still waiting…

    Oh yeah, he’s never said it. And let’s not get in to ridiculous statements made by campaign surrogates because McCain has far more of those as well.

  2. Steve says:

    He doesn’t have to say it himself. He has the news media to do it for him again and again and again.
    However, he is the one who personally made the allegations that the McCain campaign was going to say “Oh, by the way, he’s black”… something which they have NEVER done. The people constantly raising the race argument are on the left, not the right.

  3. Phil Hull says:

    The McCain campaign doesn’t say “By the way, he’s black” they just say he’s “not like us.” No racial overtones there…

    If you would like, I could show you several videos recorded at McCain/Palin rallies of people’s racist attitudes towards Obama. I don’t think you’d be interested in that though.

  4. Steve says:

    You asked for one example and I gave it to you. Yet it doesn’t matter! What frustrates me Phil is that you can recognize this technique when used by Kwame Kilpatrick but refuse to see it when Obama does essentially the same thing. I know that he is more slick than Kwame was, but the technique is the same.

  5. Phil Hull says:

    You provided no example of Obama calling criticisms racist which is what I asked for and what the cartoon says.

    Obama is not Kwame Kilpatrick or Coleman Young. You don’t seem to understand that. He is not using racial politics to pit “us” vs. “them.” He has done the exact opposite and tried extremely hard to not use race as an issue.

    I’m beginning to resent the fact that you keep implying that I am somehow stupid or allowing myself to be duped just because I do not agree with you. My brain has not become addled just because I am supporting another candidate. I do not imply that you are being duped by the McCain campaign, so please do me the courtesy of responding in kind.

  6. Steve says:

    I never implied you were stupid. I do think you are allowing yourself to be duped by a slick talker who has little record to stand on.

    As to racial politics, I repeat that he doesn’t have to do it directly himself – he has the vast majority of the sycophantic media to do that dirty work for him:

    Jacob Weisberg in Slate;
    Lewis Diuguid, Kansas City Star Editorial;
    Bonnie Erbe, US News and World Report;

    Just look at how many issues have been ruled out as “racist” by Obamatons in the media : you can’t talk about 20 years of sitting in a church under a clear racebaiter and hatemonger like Rev. Wright, you can’t talk about his relationship with a domestic terrorist who set off bombs in police stations in whose living room Obama launched his political career, you can’t call him on the socialism expressed in his own words because “socialism is just a code word for black”, the only reason he can possibly lose is racism, etc. etc.

    We are being told over and over that we dare not question, we dare not challenge… whatever happened to the 1st Amendment? I truly fear what will happen when he and his cronies have near absolute power with the presidency and a supermajority in Congress. They have already shown on many occasions that they will not tolerate opposing views!

  7. Phil Hull says:

    I’m sorry to hear that you think so little of my intelligence that you believe that I could be so easily fooled. If I have been duped by a slick talker, I count myself in great company to be duped along side Colin Powell, Christopher Buckley, Frank Schaeffer, Charles Fried, Ken Adelman and dozens more conservatives who are all pretty smart. (I know, those guys are all turncoats and not true Republicans, right? Oh and by the way, what kind of record did Lincoln have to stand on when he went into the White House? One term in the House if I’m not mistaken. He seemed to do okay.)

    I must admit that despite all evidence to the contrary, you are clinging to those McCain talking points despite evidence to the contrary. Barack Obama launched his political career at the Hyde Park Ramada Inn and the coffee at Bill Ayers house was not even in his honor, but rather for Alice Palmer who Obama was succeeding. The Weather Underground was a crappy terrorist group that operated when Obama didn’t even live in the country. By this logic, McCain “pals around with terrorists” because of his (much more realistic) connections to G. Gordon Liddy who advocated the shooting and killing of law enforcement officers on his radio show multiple times.

    As far as Rev. Wright goes, I can’t honestly hold a church member totally responsible for something that his pastor says and believes. There are many sermons that I have heard preached from the pulpit that I disagree with, so does that make me complicit just because I was in attendance? I disagree strongly with some of the methods and tactics that Connection Church has used in the past, does that mean I should have left the church? And honestly, the words of Rev. Wright are just the other side of the coin of conservative pastors like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson who called 9/11 God’s punishment for America’s sins.

    I have a feeling we’re going to keep going around on this, and I’m at a disadvantage because I don’t spend as much time thinking about this as you do. But in a little over 5 days you’re going to have to accept the fact that Barack Obama is going to be president and (unless you plan on moving out of the country) you’re going to have to deal with it. The shame of it is that this is going to be a transformative moment for our country and millions of people, yourself included, are going to miss out on it because you think he’s a socialist or a terrorist.

  8. Steve says:

    Ok, neither of us is going to change our minds. Let’s just see who’s right… time will tell! I’m sorry to say that I think in a couple of years you will be in for a rude awakening!

  9. Phil Hull says:

    We will see who is right. If the Obama presidency is a disaster as you seem to think it will be, I’ll be man enough to admit it. If Obama is a success, will you be man enough to admit that I was right?

    I suspect not because I’ve never heard you give a Democrat credit for anything good that has happened in this country. If the economy is successful during a Democratic administration, you will say that it was in spite of the administration not because of it.

  10. Steve says:

    It’s not just the economy. It’s the 1st Amendment, the 2nd Amendment, the Supreme Court, trying to sweet talk foreign dictators while crippling our military, unions forcing people to join against their will, imposing the gay agenda while destroying rights to religious freedom, making the education system more of a joke than it already is, giving Planned Parenthood free reign, its socialist “redistrubution” of income… I could go on, but you’ve probably already stopped listening!

  11. Phil Hull says:

    I guess that’s a no.

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