“One man – many votes”

So here is finally the explanation for the oft-claimed “phenomenal” increase in Democratic voter registrations during this year:  Chicago style politics have hit the big time!  In Chicago, where I grew up, the common saying (only partly in jest) is “vote early and often”.  For decades going back to the original Mayor Daley’s reign, it was well known that hundreds of thousands of dead people voted in every election.  Precinct captains working for the Daley political machine always kept a large number of these “votes” in their back pockets to be added to the totals wherever needed to guarantee that machine backed candidates won any close race that might unexpectedly develop.

Now it seems that ACORN has taken the lessons learned in Chicago and unleashed them on a national scale.  As Deroy Murdoch notes in a recent column:

The 13 states investigating the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) are discovering “toxic vote registrations” to rival the “toxic mortgages” that triggered the current turmoil rattling financial markets. While roughly 95 percent of homeowners are paying their mortgages on time, the other 5 percent in default and foreclosure were all it took to spin the global economy out of control.

Similarly, the relatively small number of fraudulent vote registrations discovered so far could represent just enough systemic infection to sicken the entire body politic, especially if this election turns out closer than most now expect.

Still-unfolding revelations of shenanigans by ACORN and a handful of other groups should worry voters of all parties. Notwithstanding the fact that Barack Obama was ACORN’s one-time attorney, former trainer, and Woods Fund donor — and, more recently, the purchaser of its campaign services and its endorsee for president — these questions cannot be dismissed as one or two isolated incidents that Republicans are flogging for partisan advantage. As of Monday, ACORN was under investigation in Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin.

He then goes on to document such incredible specifcs as:

  • submission of forged registration for a 7 year old girl in Connecticut
  • one Miami voter has 21 registrations on file
  • among the 1,320 applications ACORN filed in Brevard County (FL), two thirds contain names of people already registered
  • there are 644,197 adults in Marion County (Indianapolis) of voting age. Among those, 677,401 are registered to vote. Thanks to these 33,204 fake voters (most registered by ACORN), Indianapolis enjoys an amazing 105.15 percent registration rate.
  • In Ohio, some 8,000 applications look extremely questionable, from among 72,000 new registrations that ACORN submitted.
  • In Nevada, the FBI raided ACORN’s Las Vegas offices on October 7. ACORN tried to register the Dallas Cowboys’ starting line-up, including Terrell Owens and Tony Romo. “Tony Romo is nowhere on our voter rolls,” said Secretary of State Ross Miller, a Democrat. At least 46 phony registrations have come to light.

He goes on to point out that:

Nationwide, ACORN boasts that it has registered 3 million new voters since 2004. How many of these registrations are fraudulent? The outrageous cases discussed here have been exposed and should be corrected. But how many others slipped through before ACORN became a household name?

Anyone showing up at the polls in Las Vegas pretending to be Tony Romo may be arrested. But what about someone masquerading as Tony Ross, Anthony Russo, Tommy Russell, or any number of inconspicuous names that would leave red flags furled?

Just a handful of such bogus votes can exceed the margin of victory in incredibly tight races. Two months and three recounts after the 2004 election, Democrat Christine Gregoire became Washington’s governor by beating Republican Dino Rossi in a 129-vote landslide from among 2.9 million cast. Most famously, George W. Bush beat Al Gore in 2000 by a whopping 537 votes in Florida. Similar squeakers this November 4 could be decided by those who have no right to cast ballots, or those whose slogan is “One Man, Many Votes.”

With the election exactly three weeks away, the hour is late to sift through all of the nation’s voter rolls and separate live voters from dead ones, citizens from aliens, the law-abiding from felons, adults from minors, and real people from those merely fabricated. This needs to be done, but is unlikely to be accomplished in time.

With all this evidence piling up, how interesting that Obama lied through his teeth last night in claiming that he had no connection with ACORN and that his campaign had nothing to do with any of this.  His campaign gave over $800,000 to ACORN this year for “get out the vote” activities.  (Yes, now we see what “get out the vote” really means!)  This is in addition to his documented 20 year strong working relationship with ACORN going back to his community organizing days in Chicago.

If Obama really is the squeaky clean “force for change” he claims to be, why does he need to cheat (and then lie to cover it up) to win?


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