More of the same…

…from the great candidate of “postpartisan” and “postracial” politics:  the Obama campaign has now released one of the most vile and misleading racebaiting ads in recent memory.   In Spanish language ads being run in the Southwest, Obama falsely quotes Rush Limbaugh as discussing immigration by saying “stupid and unskilled Mexicans” should “shut their mouth or get out.”  (read the refutation by ABC’s Jake Tapper [no conservative he!!])

Furthermore, anyone who knows anything about the debate over immigration reform knows that McCain and Limbaugh were on opposite sides of that particular issue.  In fact, Rush savaged McCain numerous times over this very issue at the time.

This is definitely in the running for what Powerline has called “the most hateful ad ever?” About the only other one I can recall that comes close is the 2000 ad trying to blame GW Bush for the lynching of a black man in Texas when the perpetrators had already been tried and convicted of the crime.

Whatever happened to the candidate of “hope” who said that cynicism was the greatest problem we faced?  Guess he never really existed, did he?


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