A pair of contrasts

With all the attacks in the media on Sarah Palin, I think there are a couple of interesting contrasts to be drawn between her and the top of the ticket on the other side.  Both have to do with the difference between just talking about how something is important or actually doing something about it.

The first relates to the subject of who is the real reformer.  Obama claims that he is, but he has precious little demonstrated record of ever standing up to the corrupt Chicago political machine from which he came.  (For those reading this who don’t know me well, I grew up in Chicago during the reign of the first Mayor Daley, one of the most powerful and corrupt politicians this country has seen since Boss Tweed.  His son, the current mayor, is only slightly better!)

…Obama has never challenged the corruption of his city and has frequently backed its perpetrators. He has demonstrated a craven willingness to endorse anyone favored by Mayor Richard M. Daley, no matter how crooked or damaging to the city. Obama’s record has frequently placed him in opposition to the bipartisan reformers who have tried to clean up Chicago’s massive and systemic corruption problem. He endorsed Daley last year and in 2006 he endorsed Todd Stroger, whose cronyism and machine politics are well-documented in the Chicago press. In the 2006 primary, Obama endorsed Dorothy Tillman, an Alderman who pulled a gun on her colleagues during a redistricting hearing, and who…had in fact become a Daley ally out of necessity after opposing him earlier in her career…

Both in Illinois and in Washington, Obama has used his position to cosponsor legislation that rained millions of dollars upon Tony Rezko and his other major donors in the slum-development business, to obtain state grants for his private law clients, and to earmark funds for government contractors who donated money to his campaigns and even to his wife’s employer, which had just given her an annual $200,000 raise. (See the full David Fredosso article.)

By contrast look at Sarah Palin’s record of taking on the power brokers of her own party:

But the most impressive part of Palin’s resumé, and the sharpest contrast with Obama’s, is how she has taken on Alaska Republicans, fighting against political corruption in her own party and taking on some of the biggest names in the state. She may not have as much time in elected office as Obama, but Palin at least has a reform resumé, something that Obama cannot legitimately claim.

A far more compelling contrast as far as I am concerned is contained in this article by Dinesh D’Souza.  Titled “Talk vs. Action”, it contrasts the loving acceptance and compassion shown by the Palin family to their pregnant 17 year old daughter with the Obama’s ignoring of his half brother’s plight of living in abject poverty in Kenya.  Some may say that this is not their problem.  However, Obama has taken to quoting Matthew 25 lately as the guiding principle of his life (Jesus speaking: “…whatever you do for the least of these, you have done for me.”)  If this in fact is more than just words, how come the Obama family, now raking in several million dollars a year, can’t be bothered to help him at all?

Talk is cheap.  Actions speak much louder!


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