Obama Supporters for $10 Gas

At a recent demonstration in Washington, DC, a group of Obama’s supporters let the cat out of the bag. They would be really happy with gas going up to $10 a gallon because it would “encourage conservation”:

Ed Frank, vice president of public affairs for Americans for Prosperity, spoke to Obama supporters during an event organized on Capitol Hill by liberally-leaning MoveOn.org. According to an email MoveOn emailed to supporters the event was designed to “highlight the GOP’s extensive ties to Big Oil.”

There, AFP members handed MoveOn supporters a mock $8 bill and said “this is what Al Gore wants you to pay for gas.”

An older man dressed in an Obama shirt said, “This is too cheap! This is too cheap!” Waving the eight dollar bill he said, “Let’s get it up to ten! Let’s get it up to ten bucks.”

See the rest of the article including video of the event here.


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