Unintended consequences

Many things in life turn out to have unintended consequences. In the current debate about domestic oil drilling, the Democrats in general and Nancy Pelosi in particular claim to be fighting to “save the planet”. Leaving aside the grandiose arrogance of such statements, there are unintended consequences to their obstinacy in preventing even a vote on drilling.

As Charles Krauthammer point out in his excellent column Dems Against Drilling, by “outsourcing” our drilling to other countries that are far less careful about environmental damage, we are in fact causing much more damage to the environment than would happen in the more controlled atmosphere of the US with far superior technology.

I realize that none of the matters to Pelosi and her ilk because its not really about the environment, its about raw power!

On a related issue:  For the latest in Messiah Obama’s pronouncements from on high, check out: Obama: Take Profits for Rebate Checks


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